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About Me

My name is Mathew Pinelli and I have been working with Google Ads (formerly Adwords), Yahoo and Bing since 2005 and I am Google Certified and a Google Partner.

Presenting yourself and your qualities over the internet is much harder than in person, so hopefully this portrays who you would be hiring as best as it can.

I am a father and husband living in New York. Like I said, I have been working with Google Ads, Bing/Yahoo, and social media ads as far back as 2005. I started using these type of ads to make money on my own promoting affiliate programs. I have worked for various agencies on a part-time remote basis, until I started my dream job as a police officer here in New York.

Since becoming a police officer, I have always kept up with digital marketing promoting various products and services that work on during my days off. In 2012, I decided that I wanted do something more rewarding and started working with small to medium businesses with budgets anywhere from $500/month to $20,000/month.

I have worked with dentists, doctors, physical therapists, lawyers, dumpster rentals, plumbers, roofers, tour agencies, travel agencies, exterminators, car dealerships etc. You name it I’ve pretty much worked with someone in that industry along the way.

Now I know you must be thinking, “Why would I hire someone who already has a full-time job and a family that will probably not give me the attention I deserve?” Great question. With my current work schedule I work mostly late night and I work my 40 hours in four days. Then I am off for four days. So that usually means I am off around 15 days a month. During those days (and before work) I live, breathe, and eat everything paid search. I assure you I would not be running this business if I thought for one second I wouldn’t give you your money’s worth.




Why Outsourcing Shouldn’t Be Scary

Running a business has many moving parts that all need to be monitored by yourself or qualified employees you trust. You could hire an in house internet “guy” or “gal” right out of college with no experience to save some money; Or you could hire someone with years of experience and pay for his expertise. In the long run you’re just going to be paying extra for the inexperience, as mistakes will be made. Adding a new employee to your payroll also has many costs both initially and long term. There is a great report on the actual costs to hiring an employee written by a very smart man at MIT named Joe Hadzima. You can view/download the pdf of his report here Cost of Hiring an Employee

There are costs to advertise your job opening or hiring a recruiter to find you the perfect employee. Then there’s the salary, benefits, employment taxes, space in your office, new equipment, and of course paid time off. At the end of the article, one entrepreneur calculates that the cost of a managed employee costs 2.7 times the base salary they’re hired at. Notice I said a managed employee. If you’re hiring a web/marketing person are you going to hire an even better one to manage him or delegate his work to one of your current managers? Or do you plan on overseeing the work of someone in which you aren’t well educated in what they do?I always tell my clients to concentrate being the best at what they do. Delegate the work your not experienced in to qualified professionals.Hiring someone new in your business isn’t always a bad thing. You’re expanding and giving someone an opportunity to make your business better. Plus your helping the local economy. If these things are the driving force behind you hiring in house then I wish you the best with your new employee.

Going the outsourced route with Matt PPC is the smart move in this situation. Our rate is our rate and is usually one fourth of what you would expect to pay a full time PPC marketer with my experience.

We have all the resources at our finger tips to start right away…….weekends and nights included. We never stop working to improve your online presence.

That’s something you will never get with a 9-5er

How we can help you grow

Search Engine Ads

Your ads can be displayed on Google and/or Yahoo Bing putting you in front of prospective customers.

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Call Only Ads

Found only on mobile searches, give leads the option to call you direct without visiting your website.  A very good option for service businesses.

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Desktop Ads

Mobile search accounts for over 65% of searches today.  Desktop still accounts for over 1/3 of searches and can’t be ignored.

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is an excellent way to expand your brand.  Get your business logo/image in front of users on other websites to keep your business in their mind.

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Ads On Mobile

Get your business in front of customers when they’re most likely to call, on their phone.  Mobile ads do just that.

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YouTube Ads

Most businesses can’t afford expensive television ads.  Running ads on YouTube is much more cost effective and trackable.

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Testimonials from our clients

”Due to Matt’s strategies our positions on search engines has improved. He has also reduced our cost of maintaining our website and our call tracking for training purposes. He has done a superb job redoing our website and maintaining it. As a we have received positive feedback on the new site, which has increased patient flow.”


Donna Bragg

Business Manager, Sachem Dental Group

“Matt has helped me tremendously, taking the fear out of internet marketing and making use of every investment dollar. I’m pleased that my business has started to pick up as a result of Matt’s hard work and efforts. Patients are finding us and calling to schedule appointments. He truly is an expert in his field and I highly recommend him for anyone that is looking to build their brand and business in the healthcare field.”

Dr. Parsa Karimi PT

President, PKL Physical Therapy & Wellness

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Generate more leads and sales with an intelligent, well-executed PPC campaign.