I provide a no BS approach to your paid marketing. I get you a positive ROI without the fluff and slimy sales pitch

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Here are some things that you will receive from me.

1 I will treat your business as if it were my own. I have great respect anyone with their own business and realize it puts a roof over your head and feeds your family. I’ll NEVER jeopardize that for any reason.
2 I will get you targeted quality traffic with no BS fluff. This will result in more leads, more new business, and more revenue. I can guarantee the traffic I get with PPC will be nothing but the best. I know what I am doing and have been doing it a long time. I have negative keyword lists for most industries, including yours. I have data for the last 13 years work from and know what works and doesn’t. So from the start you will minimize wasteful spending. You just need to close the sale.
3 I will let you know right from the start if you are setting up yourself for failure. Is your website designed correctly to collect leads? Are you willing to use call tracking? Is your budget realistic? From the start I have a strict game plan that I follow and, unfortunately, if you are not willing to use I will probably pass on the work. My reputation and history of success means the world to me. I don’t want to tarnish that for any amount of money.
4 You will have my cell number and you can call me any time.
5 I have experience in many other aspects of the online marketing strategy and other traditional marketing. If you need to bounce ideas or get advice, call me. I will be willing to put my two cents in or do some research for you and give you a well-educated answer.
6 You will own all your accounts. If and when you decide to move on you will always keep your data and I will never hold it hostage.
7 You will deal with me and me only. I do not outsource my work and never will. I know my limits and will never take on an amount of clients that would cause me to not give 110% to each client.
8 Having a career benefits you because I am not inflating costs or my hourly rate. I charge a very fair price for a United States based expert and the money is second to hearing someone tell me how happy they are.
9 Lastly, I will tell you’re the truth no matter how bad it is. The truth gets results.

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