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MattPPC takes pride in managing your PPC accounts by treating it as if it were my own business.  I never attempt to use any Pay Per Click ( PPC ) tactics that may jeopardize your livelihood.  When you work with MattPPC you become family. 

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Comprehensive Dental Marketing

The dental business is an important, though often neglected, part of our everyday lives. While most avoid visits to a dental office, most are happy they did.

It’s such a shame that most people avoid routine visits to the dentist since their dental health can have such a dramatic influence on the quality of their day to day lives. While we can’t make people want to go to see their dentist more often, we can certainly make it easier to find YOUR dental office when they are looking for their next visit.

Using the power of Google Ads, we can help make those online searches more beneficial to your business. With prominent placement for your dental practice when new customers search online, we can make yours a featured place to visit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know most people search online before making any purchasing decision. Without question, Google dominates search and is so synonymous with online search that the word Google is now used as a verb (“I Googled it.”).
You’ve most likely already done a Google search and have unconsciously placed priority over the top results. Unless you’ve spent the countless hours to understand the ins and outs of how search results are generated, it’s natural to assume the better results are the ones at or near the top of the search results page.
So now that you understand why it’s important to show up well for relevant searches you have to know your options, the main things you can do to get more qualified leads and traffic to your site are Paid options and Organic Search. While both methods have their merit and can be (should be) used in conjunction, paid leads can have a more immediate impact on your business.

This is where our expertise in PPC/Google Ads comes into play. Using our experience, we help get your ads to a featured position in the Google search results when people are looking for your services. The best thing about online advertisement is you’ll only show up on search results when people are specifically looking for what you have to offer. With good ad copy, we can motivate a potential patient to click your ad which will lead them to your site.

During this process, we track the data to make sure we can make any adjustments which will help us bring down the cost per click to ensure your leads are coming at the lowest price possible.

We’ve helped many other dentists make their practice more profitable via paid search, and your dental office is no different. More specifically, our experience in Adwords for dentists makes us the perfect advertising partner for your business, and we’re committed to making your business flourish.

We don’t just pay attention to the ads that show up on the search results pages; we also use every marketing technique we have at our disposal to achieve better results. Adjusting the on-page optimization of your website can significantly help in improving the outcome and making sure Google sees your ad and corresponding page as the most relevant option. This, in turn, helps your ad show up better as well as cheaper. Improving your Adwords Quality Score and Ad Rank is of the utmost importance. This is called conversion rate optimization.

We help our clients make sure the page our ad campaigns direct to are there to help provide a solution to the potential patient. We can also offer helpful tips on how to influence new visitors to your site to take action which will lead to a new booked patient. Win for the customer and win for our clients!

We understand the dental industry very well and have done Google Adwords for many dentists over the years. As such, we feel confident in our ability to use our expertise in PPC/Adwords to help you grow your business and attract new, potentially long-term clients who can support your business for years to come.

We also use CallRail to track phone calls which then allow us to track your leads more effectively. This call tracking is HIPAA compliant and we take this very seriously with our health industry clients. We would never do or use a service that could jeopardize your patients information.

If you’re committed to providing growth your business and handle new clients, then let us prove to you that we’ve got the right tools and methods in place to help you succeed. Please complete the form below or feel to give us a call and schedule a time to have an in-depth conversation with one of our PPC experts.

We look forward to being your partner in success and help you make this year your absolute best one yet! Let’s get to work!

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