Frequently Asked Questions

MattPPC offers PPC (pay-per-click) management for small to medium sized businesses using Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I also manage social media marketing with Facebook and Instagram but only for businesses we fell can benefit.I help these businesses generate leads and/or sales by creating and maintaining their PPC accounts; then report each month the results of these campaigns. I also make suggestions on how to improve your PPC conversion rates by making slight adjustments to your website design or content based on our 15 years experience.

There are four types of campaigns available within the PPC world. They are text ads, display ads, shopping ads, and video ads. I am able to help you manage these four major types of campaigns and everything in between; like call only ads.I unfortunately do not create videos for your company to use in video ads nor do I create your Google Merchant center feeds if you are an e-commerce website wanting to do shopping ads. I also do not create display creative necessary to run display ads.I’m a marketer and don’t pretend to be something I’m not. Just like a good videographer or graphic designer wouldn’t pretend to be good at PPC. I can definitely point you in the right direction to get these things done as I have worked with very smart people in these industries.

I work with any business looking for leads or an increase in e-commerce sales. I get leads via phone calls or form submissions.Some of the service businesses I have worked with are dentists, lawyers, physical therapists, dumpster rentals, masonry, tile installers, business forms, atv/go kart performance parts, travel agents, vacation excursions, car dealerships, movers, roofers, contractors, and the list goes on. These clients have had budgets ranging from $500/month to $30,000/month and above. My main goal is to help businesses increase revenue using a platform that most people can’t do on their own.

I charge a setup fee for your account. Even if you have an account already, I still create my own campaigns to run along side your existing ones until I have a firm grasp on what’s working and what’s not. This fee varies depending on the scope.

Here’s the best part, I REFUND your setup fee. After three months I refund half your setup fee then after 12 months I refund the second half.

The reason I charge this fee even though I refund it is because I need to protect my time in setting up your account. Some people think once I setup the account that they can just click “Go” and they end up cancelling before even beginning. Sadly this has happened before and people received a perfectly setup account for “free”. But then a few months later I get the email saying “I spent over $5,000 in the account you setup and didn’t get any sales, can you help me?” I find that this fee setup is a fair way to protect me while rewarding a loyal client.

No. I don’t do contracts as it just causes animosity. I charge my monthly service fee at the beginning of the month for services to be provided. At the end of each month you have the option to say whether my services are beneficial to your business and keep things going. If not, we can part ways and maybe revisit things at a later date. I also prorate the month if you decided to cancel mid month and will provide a partial refund.

I have 15 years experience managing PPC accounts in addition to other traditional marketing avenues. I am also a Google Certified Partner.I have done SEO, website redesigns, content creation, social media management, and everything else you can think of that a business needs to be successful online. Over the last six years I moved away from everything and concentrated on paid marketing like PPC. It’s what I’m passionate about. It’s what I believe to be the best value for businesses. It’s proven to provide trackable ROI that can’t be denied. Best part is you can increase and decrease your adspend as you see fit with no commitments. I also have a BA in Economics from SUNY Stony Brook which helps me understand how to best help your business. With online advertising the only thing that matters is ROI.

One of the reasons I started concentrating just on PPC is because the results are instant. A well managed campaign can start sending you leads or sales the first day. There is no waiting like with SEO or if your TV commercial aired at the right time. The ads we display target people looking for you at the moment they are looking to buy.

Like I said before I have worked with clients that had a $500 budget not including my fee. It works but it isn’t ideal Most clients that I work with now have a starting budget between $1,000-$2,500 plus my fee and usually their budget increases due to performace. So if mid month you’re getting a good amount of leads but are looking for more we can adjust your budget at any time.

If you ask anyone that has worked with me, my integrity and honesty are my two best assets. I do not run this business with my profits being the #1 factor; your profits are my #1 priority. I know it seems ridiculous but it’s true. I have a career that I love which also affords me the time to run this business. If you read the My Philosopy page I go into detail there. I’m not out to squeeze every single penny from a client to make ends meet. I want to take your business to the next level and your success equals my success. Not the other way around.