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An empty box in the yard isn’t making you money. We know how to find those clients looking for a dumpster ASAP. Let us help you find them.

MattPPC takes pride in managing your PPC accounts by treating it as if it were my own business.  I never attempt to use any Pay Per Click ( PPC ) tactics that may jeopardize your livelihood.  When you work with MattPPC you become family. 

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How to Leverage the Power of PPC for Dumpster Rental Marketing

It’s been said that whatever business we run, we can only describe it in one way: we’re marketers, and “______” is my product. In the case of your dumpster rental business, you are a marketer and renting dumpsters is the product you market!

Making people aware of your product or service is of paramount importance and the lifeblood of your, or any business, that is looking to succeed. Perhaps you’re not sure of how to market your product or are still using outdated and ineffective methods to sell your services. Well, fear not! We’re here to let you know that no matter what you sell, someone is looking for the EXACT thing in your city or town.

If you’re still on the fence about diving into digital marketing for your dumpster rental business, then allow us to quell your fears. We exist in a time where we have so many powerful tools and so much data available to run effective PPC and Google/Bing Ad campaigns for dumpster businesses like yours. We can leverage online marketing and effectively turn user searches into potential new clients for your dumpster rental business.

Adding PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising by Matt PPC to your marketing efforts can help us partner to take your business and your bottom line to the next level.

No worries! While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC are different by nature, they can combine to make a one-two combo that can knock out your competition and leave you standing as the winner in your desired niche.

SEO and PPC can work together in a dumpster rental marketing plan to provide some great organic traffic to your site as well as opportunities for you to run ads based on your dumpster rental service which can compel a searcher to look on your site. Think of it like this, the more times your business appears on the first page of Google for a relevant search, the higher your chances of getting someone to click on your link and find your site.

We see it all of the time; many small and medium-sized business owners come to us for our PPC services, but they miss one crucial key which affects their ability to generate new leads. More often then not, dumpster rental business owners pay someone who likes to make things look pretty and convinces his or her clients that they can help them with a new website design. Moreover, while it may look nice, is it helping your new customers to take action and rent a dumpster? Are new visitors to your site directed to make a specific move like make a call or fill out a form? Is the copy written in a way where a visitor is both informed and influenced to rent a dumpster from your business?

Unfortunately, the answer most often no. While we can help you drive new, targeted traffic to your website, we also have to make sure the site is constructed in a way that it converts new visitors into new clients.

Fortunately, the combination of PPC dumpster rental marketing along with relevant and persuasive copy and web design can result in a truly effective marketing solution for your dumpster rental business. Since PPC is directly aimed at buyers who are motivated due to their search queries, we can better connect the ideal client to your business which can provide more dumpster rentals for your business. While it’s impossible for any PPC expert to claim to convert every new visitor into a new paying customer, you should consistently see new business help you increase sales to justify your hard earned dumpster rental marketing dollars.

While it’s great for your business if you’re already doing SEO, adding Google Ads/PPC to your dumpster rental marketing strategy can prove to be just as, or even more useful to grow your business. An effective PPC campaign can target more “buying mode” searches which tend to lead to better conversion rates and more money to our clients. In short, PPC targets motivated buyers who are ready and able to purchase from your dumpster rental business now, not next week or tomorrow, but now. Often, other forms of marketing can turn out to be more informative and which doesn’t always help you generate new sales. It’s best to do SEO and PPC and reap the benefits of both forms of digital marketing.

If you’re ready to level up your dumpster rental marketing and use the power and precision of PPC and Google/Bing Ads marketing, then please fill out our contact form or call us to schedule a time to speak.

We look forward to helping you crush it online and grow your business, let’s get to work!

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